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emergency power supply

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EPS emergency power supply system is mainly composed of rectifier charger, battery pack, inverter, mutual switching device and system controller. The inverter is the control core. Usually, DSP or single-chip CPU is used for SPWM modulation control of the inverter, which has good AC waveform output; The function of rectifier charger is to charge the battery pack when the mains power supply is normal; The function of the inverter is to convert the DC energy stored in the battery pack into AC when the mains power is abnormal, so as to supply stable and continuous power to the load equipment; Mutual switching device is to ensure the fast switching of load between mains power and inverter output; The system controller controls and adjusts the whole system in real time, sends out fault alarm signals and receives remote linkage control signals, and realizes remote monitoring by the upper computer through the standard communication interface.

emergency power supply-rongtech

emergency power supply-rongtech emergency power supply-rongtech

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