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Precison power system& meter

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Increased output power, power density and energy efficiency

Precison power system& meter-rongtech

This is what’s required today of a telecom power supply. Rongtech’s efficient, high-quality semiconductor portfolio,current sensor & AC.DC/DC converter,cooling fan & heat sink enables you to achieve it all – and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). With our market-leading products, reference designs and demo boards, your telecom systems require less cooling and fewer passive components.

What’s more, we provide a full range of semiconductor products – such as our CoolMOS™ and metal film capacitor and our high-voltage power resistor solutions – to enable telecom solutions that are robust, high quality and reliable. Your benefits, to name a few: reduced risk of field failures and field returns.

Precison power system& meter-rongtech

Precison power system& meter-rongtech

Precison power system& meter-rongtech

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