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UPS and Ev Charger

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Today’s  uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and Ev charger face a wide range of challenges.

Overcoming them requires an increase in output power and power density as well as energy efficiency and reliability. For all UPS power supply applications, high-quality products from Rongtech provide you with solutions targeting the entire power range of UPS applications. Equipped with our close loop current sensor,power semiconductor,metaled film capacitor,power resistor and DC/DC converter,UPS systems can achieve best-possible power conversion efficiency and cutting-edge power density. The benefits: cost reduction and fewer number of passive components – regardless of the topology used. By choosing Rongtech for UPS applications you get solutions that fulfill the latest market requirements. For example, RTC100LA,RTC300TAH,RTNT1000-C3, IGBT module, cooling fan & heat sink and MKPS-P IGBT snubber capacitors.

At the same time,as e-mobility increasingly becomes part of daily life, there is a growing need for more efficient charging solutions. Fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations equipped with powerful DC chargers are currently the answer. As fast charging and battery technologies continue to evolve and improve in the near future, experts anticipate the charging time to drop even further.

UPS and Ev Charger-rongtech UPS and Ev Charger-rongtech

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